Isuzu Malaysia will be introducing the 1.9L turbodiesel end-2019

Having previewed their new engine technology at the 2018 Kulala Lumpur International Motor Show, Isuzu Malaysia is set to launch their new 1.9-litre Blue Power turbodiesel to the Malaysia market by the end of 2019.

The new engine will replace the existing 2.5-litre VGS turbodiesel offering more performance and fuel economy despite a much smaller displacement. Output from the new engine stands at 150 hp and 350 Nm, 14 hp and 30 Nm more than the existing 2.5-litre unit. The new engine is also mated to a new 6-speed automatic transmission which promises better refinement and fuel economy.

Fuel economy is the main highlight of the new engine, offering up to 19% improvement compared to the 2.5-litre unit. This was achieved with a newly design clothoid combustion chamber, anti-friction coating, new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and a high efficiency turbo charger.

“We are pushing for the final phase of testing and planning for a debut in Malaysian market by the end of this year,” said Isuzu Malaysia in an official statement.

The company also confirmed that the new 1.9-litre Blue Power turbodiesel will find it’s way to the D-Max pickup truck and MU-X SUV.



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