In June 2018, Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) invested US$1 billion into Grab, the regions leading O2O mobile platform, to transform the Japanese automaker into a mobility company. As a result of the new partnership, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (TMAP), the sales and marketing regional headquarters of Toyota in Asia will be offering Total-care Service for 1,500 Toyota vehicles owned by GrabRentals in Singapore.

On average, ride-hailing vehicles accumulates five times more mileage than privately-owned vehicles which is why the Total-care Service is an innovative and world’s first service for ride-hailing companies to help ensure that their fleet of vehicles are maintained timely and are in safe condition.

Under Toyota’s Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), the company can leverage on the onboard telematics data from ride-hailing drivers and users to design dedicated fleet management, automotive insurance and vehicle maintenance packages to extend the life of ride-hailing vehicles. Through this Total-care Service, Grab is able to provide its driver-partners with more cost-efficient and timely maintenance services.

Through the Total-care Service, driving data is collected by Toyota’s in-vehicle data-transmission device, TransLog, and sent to the MSPF, an information infrastructure developed by Toyota for vehicle connectivity. Grab, Toyota and its local dealers will use such vehicle data collaboratively to achieve a safer and more secure ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia. For example, using vehicle data, Grab will be able to provide its driver-partners with support and advice for safety as needed. In addition, the Toyota dealer will apply TPS to vehicle maintenance for Grab-owned vehicles.

Since the rollout of telematics on the Grab driver app last year, there has been a 50 per cent reduction in speeding incidents and 20 per cent reduction in hard braking and sudden acceleration, which are potential causes of road accidents. Grab’s incident rates have decreased by 40 per cent over the last year since Q3 2017.

President of Grab, Ming Maa commented: “We are excited to work with Toyota to roll out the Total-care Service to our Grab Rental fleet. The ability to meld data analytics with vehicle maintenance will make our rental fleet even safer for our driver-partners and go toward achieving our goal to raise transport safety standards in the region.”

TMAP President, Susumu Matsuda said: “We are starting this world-first Total-care Service here in Southeast Asia, making full use of Toyota’s strength such as our philosophy of Toyota Production System and vehicle connectivity technologies. I believe the service will support the sustainable growth of Grab’s business and help offer even safer and more attractive ride-hailing services.”