R.S. Performance parts for the Renault Clio R.S. adds more carbon fibre

Renault Sport has just introduced a range of genuine R.S. Performance accessories for their little hot hatch, the Renault Clio R.S. The new range of accessories aims to elevate the on-track experience of passionate Renault owners.

For starters, the R.S. Performance bodywork kit inspired by the Clio R.S. 16 concept car will be available in just 250 sets. The kit adds a carbon hood, restyled lower intakes, carbon wing as well as Turini alloy wheels. Each part is individually stamped, allowing enthusiasts to create their very own R.S. car.

Performance enhancing items on the list include a carbon fibre bucket seat with harness, exhaust system, high-performance brakes and suspension, anti-strut bar and much more to enhance the on-track performance of the Clio R.S.

Besides the bolt on accessories, Renault Sport also offers a full range of workshop products for customers which comes with R.S. branded tool trolley, toolset, limited-edition spray gun, garage jack, tilting lift, and a torque wrench.

R.S. Performance Project Manager at Renault Sport Cars, Guillaume Calvar said: “R.S. Performance is a product offering that bridges the gap between sports and racing cars. It is our way of giving track enthusiasts everything they need to customise their Renault Sport vehicle and make it a beautiful, high-performance Track Day car.”


R.S. Performance Accessories on Renault Clio R.S.


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