Renault Clio Renaultsport R.S.16 could be the fastest Clio in the world

All behold the world’s hottest Clio, the Renault Clio Renaultsport R.S.16. Unveiled at Monaco and named aptly after Renault’s F1 car, the R.S.16, the Clio is made in time to celebrate RenaultSport’s 40th anniversary and its return to F1.

The recipe for the Clio R.S.16 is quite simple, really. Over the course of five months, the talents from Renaultsport took bits and parts from Renault cars, including powertrain, brakes, wheels and dampers from the Megane R.S 275 Trophy-R. Hence, it gets the similar 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that makes 270 hp and 360 Nm of torque from that same car that once broke the Nurburgring lap record for front-wheel drive cars.renaultsport-clio-rs16 (5)

While purists loathed the fact that the Clio RS came with the sole dual clutch gearbox, this hot Clio has finally received a six-speed manual transmission. Power is still delivered to the front wheels.

Exterior wise, the Clio R.S.16 is beefed up with extensive aero upgrades such as a rear spoiler, extended wheel arches, and a bodykit. It rides on a set of 19-inch rims with Michelin Pilot Sport SP2 rubbers.renaultsport-clio-rs16 (4)

There are no plans for production, and for now, only two cars have been built. One of them is on display in Monaco while another is a prototype for Renault. That said, seeing the effort poured into the development of this car, a limited production of this hot hatch sounds plausible. Besides, you wouldn’t say no to this pocket rocket in its brilliant shade of yellow, right?




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