In celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first win at Bathurst in 1968, Holden has revealed their Time Attack Concept, envisioned as a single-lap blaster.

With a kerb weight of merely 900 kg, it can obliterate even Formula 1 cars with a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 1.25 seconds.

The source of this power?

A Reconfigurable Graphene Hybrid Power Pack and four electric motors – one on each corner with Torque Vectoring – making 1,340 hp and 3240 Nm of torque.

18-inch wheels made entirely of carbon fibre had been imagined for the Time Attack Concept racer.

When you’re done going through all three gears available, you’d be nudging close to the 500 km/h mark in this. Courage aside, you’d also have to be as fit as Formula 1 drivers to physically withstand the cornering forces of up to 6.5G, similar to what those in the pinnacle of motorsports experience.

Holden did not indicate when an actual model will be presented so its existence will most probably not extend beyond the virtual world; essentially it’s just a bunch of engineers hanging their wieners out for a measuring contest.

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Pan Eu Jin
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