Mazda has just announced its strategy in achieving the company’s long-term vision for technology development, “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030”. In a nutshell, all Mazda vehicles will feature some form of electrification by 2030.

While Mazda believes that the internal combustion engine will still be equipped in new cars for many years to come, electrification is an inevitable step to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions that will allow Mazda vehicles to be sold in regions that enforces strict emissions regulation.

By 2030, the Japanese carmaker expects that 95 per cent of its vehicles will be hybrid powered (internal combustion engine & electric motors) while fully-electric vehicles (EV) will account for the remaining percentage.

Mazda has confirmed that they will be developing two battery EVs – one solely powered by batteries while the other will feature a rotary engine as a range extender. The latter still very much runs on electric power alone and the rotary engine will be used to recharge the battery when necessary to increase the vehicle’s driving range.

Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO, Akira Marumoto said: “New trends and technologies in connectivity, autonomy, sharing and electrification offer new possibilities for creating ever more attractive cars. Using new technologies based on our unique human-centred development philosophy, Mazda will, in the spirit of ‘Never Stop Challenging,’ continue to pursue the joy of driving and work to create an emotional connection with customers that rivals the strongest brands in the world.”

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