All AES summons cancelled, now go get yourself a new set of rims!

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Great news! If you’ve had something you want to spend on – whether it’s for your car or your better half – now’s the time to loosen that purse strings!

That’s cause the Ministry of Transport has just announced that all AES summons prior to this announcement are now CANCELLED!

More than 3.1 million AES summons have been issued and with each summon costing RM150 each, the Government is forgoing a total of RM435 million with this move.

Minister of Transport Anthony Loke said that it’s a one-off gesture by the government but warned that in the future, there will be no such cancellations nor discounts for summons accrued under the ruling of the current government.

From 1st of September 2018 onwards, all AES summons will have to be paid. For now, you can now go get those new rims and bodykit you’ve been holding back on.

Credit: KiniTV


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