The UK has a big appetite for hatchbacks with eight of their top 10 best-selling cars in the first half of 2018 made up of hatchbacks. The Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf took top spots in the UK top ten charts. But what about other parts of Europe?

Here’s are the best-selling cars across Europe according to AutoCar UK as measured by market analyst JATO Dynamics:

Country Model Country Model
Austria Volkswagen Golf France Renault Clio
Belgium Volkswagen Golf Germany Volkswagen Golf
Croatia Renault Clio Greece Toyota Yaris
Czechia Skoda Octavia Hungary Suzuki Vitara
Denmark Peugeot 208 Ireland Nissan Qashqai
Estonia Skoda Octavia Italy Fiat Panda
Finland Skoda Octavia Latvia Volkswagen Golf
France Renault Clio Lithuania Fiat 500
Germany Volkswagen Golf Luxembourg Volkswagen Golf
Greece Toyota Yaris Netherlands Volkswagen Polo
Hungary Suzuki Vitara Norway Nissan Leaf
Ireland Nissan Qashqai Poland Skoda Octavia
Italy Fiat Panda Portugal Renault Clio
Latvia Volkswagen Golf Romania Dacia Logan
Belgium Volkswagen Golf Slovakia Skoda Fabia
Croatia Renault Clio Slovenia Renault Clio
Czechia Skoda Octavia Spain Seat Leon
Denmark Peugeot 208 Sweden Volvo S90/V90
Estonia Skoda Octavia Switzerland Skoda Octavia
Finland Skoda Octavia UK Ford Fiesta

The Volkswagen Golf turned out to be the top pick of eight countries and it is not surprising given its versatile product offering from hatchbacks to estates and multiple powertrain options. Its stellar practicality in a compact package surely checks plenty of boxes for many.

Another noteworthy country is Norway where its most popular vehicle is the all-electric Nissan Leaf, the only European country where an EV tops the sales chart. The Norwegian government heavily incentivises its people to purchase an electrified vehicle to tackle emissions which explain how it is the only country in Europe that has an EV as their best-selling car.

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