When the original Rolls-Royce “Silver Ghost” was first built in 1906, it went on to establish Rolls-Royce’s reputation as the “Best Car in the World”. In saluting the original car, Rolls-Royce has built 35 bespoke units of the Silver Ghost that makes up the “Silver Ghost Collection”.

Product Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for the Ghost said, “Careful consideration has been paid to the Collection’s defining features. References extoling the past are skilfully hand-crafted into Ghost’s interior and exterior, creating a contemporary homage which speaks as much of today’s great brand as the original Silver Ghost does of its day. This is a truly remarkable Collection.”

The engravings around the wheel cap represents the year the original Silver Ghost was built.

A sterling-silver Spirit of Ecstacy takes centre stage at the front along with the prominent black front grille, where the former has been a trademark of the British marque since 1911.

Along the sides, look closely and you’d notice the vehicle name and the year the original Silver Ghost was conceived engraved onto the chrome surrounds of the oversized wheels.On the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine, you’ll also notice the “AX201” engraving on the hammered copper insert – a tribute not just to the registration plate of the original Silver Ghost but also a homage to the extensive use of copper in the engine bay of the original Silver Ghost.

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