There is a Polestar tuning package for almost every Volvo vehicle out there that offers sharper throttle response, quicker gear changes and increased engine output. Now, Volvo Cars have just introduced a new Polestar-developed software upgrade that promises a more dynamic driving experience on all-wheel drive (AWD) Volvos.

The optimisation software increases the amount and frequency of torque being sent to the rear wheels giving the car sharper turn-ins, better control and engagement in a corner and improved traction when pulling away. All these give the driver a more dynamic and engaging driving experience.

Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Volvo Cars, Henrik Green said, “We are always fine-tuning the driving experience of Volvo cars, and this upgrade makes the all-wheel-drive both smoother and more dynamic.”

The Polestar AWD optimisation software is engaged when the car is in Dynamic drive mode or when Electronic Stability Control is disabled. This software is available for all petrol and diesel variants of the Volvo 90 series, 60 series and XC40 that are equipped with AWD. Plug-in hybrid models are not included in the optimisation programme as the T6 Twin Engine and T8 Twin Engine already features a rear-biased AWD.

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