Dealership openings are always an auspicious and grand affair, but nothing comes close to what Geely Auto has done in China. The company has simultaneously opened 149 new 4S Centres in China in a single day. Yes, you read that right; 149 in one day.

The simultaneous opening of 149 new 4S Centres in the country is part of Geely’s ongoing “Geely Satisfaction” project which aims to improve customer satisfaction throughout their time with the Geely brand. Total investment for the 149 new 4S Centres was over RMB1 billion (RM594 million) and saw 65 newly built dealerships and 84 upgraded dealerships.

Geely’s new 3.0 era standards for sales and services stipulates that all new dealerships must adhere to Geely’s high standards and brand requirements which reflects on the appointment process of new dealers. Under this new standard, Geely promises that customer will have a comfortable experience throughout their ownership with the Geely brand from purchasing to after sales.

In 2016, Geely sold 766,000 vehicles and almost doubled to 1.24 million in 2017. Within the first half of 2018, the brand has sold over 766,000 cars, ranking fourth overall in sales and first amongst Chinese brands.

This rapid expansion for the Geely brand is also beneficial for the respective dealers. In 2017, over 95 per cent of Geely dealers were profitable and each Geely 4S Centres sold an average of 1,314 vehicles per shop, an increase of 31 per cent year-on-year. As of July 2018, the total number of Geely Auto dealerships reached 965.

Locally, Proton is also mirroring this move with rapid expansion and upgrades to more 3S and 4S centres to give Proton customers a more positive brand experience.


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