Here’s what a set of RM5,000 tail lights, with splitters and aero-fins, look like

Glohh, one of the world’s leading innovators in automotive lighting design, launched a new taillight system tailor-made for the Range Rover Sport from the year 2014 onwards.

Called the GL-5i, the new taillight features the world’s first ‘dynamic start-up display’ (DSD) with an active light sequence for the Range Rover Sport.

It serves as a visual welcome before the driver enters the car. Every time he/she unlocks the car via the key-fob, the DSD function is activated.

As for the sequential indicators, it’s controlled by a microprocessor with 15 light-emitting diodes programmed to illuminate in rapid succession. This flow of light starts from the inside and moves towards the direction of intended travel.

The tail lights have also been designed to be as aerodynamic as the body of the vehicle. Nearly 1/3 of the GL-5i’s surface helps manage airflow and it does so in two ways.

Firstly, dual air splitters channel air away to the rear while an aero-fin on the flank directs air away horizontally. Together, these features reduce drag, increase stability and aid fuel economy.

The GL-5i is a direct replacement for the Range Rover Sport’s standard tail lights, with no additional wiring or components needed to complete the installation. It’s fully compatible with both variants of the L494 Range Rover Sport (2013 to 2017) and facelifted 2018 model onwards.

The GL-5i tail light is priced at £949.00 (approx. RM5,000) for the UK market and is available worldwide via For a limited time, Glohh is also offering free worldwide express shipping.

It’s not the first time Glohh has created such an upgrade for the Range Rover. In 2013, they introduced the GL-3 for the previous Range Rover Sport and it went on to sell more than 1,000 units in 130 countries.



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