“Hi Proton”, Tun Mahathir tries out Voice Command on the Proton SUV

Last week, Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad personally sampled the soon-to-be-launched Proton SUV in the close to production right-hand drive (RHD) guise. The premier was impressed by the SUV’s quality and finds it to be a perfect car for the Malaysian market.

Shortly after that, a video clip of Tun Mahathir sampling the Voice Command system of the SUV surfaced onto his official YouTube channel. The PM closed the sunroof by simply saying “Hi Proton, close the sunroof” to which the Voice Command system replied, “The sunroof is closed”.

A presumably Proton personnel demonstrated various other functions that can be controlled via Voice Command such as turning on the radio, changing the tuner channel and adjusting the volume of the sound system. In China, the Geely Boyue can also operate the climate control functions via voice chat, albeit in the Mandarin language.

Despite the system shown in the video operate using the English language, it is certain that Proton is working around the clock to roll out a Bahasa Melayu compatible system. After all, the Malay language is the nation’s National Language. The system will first be English compatible simply because the system is already readily available on other Geely Group models.


Tun Mahathir Test Drives Proton SUV RHD


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