Collecting a brand-new car is always an occasion and many car aficionados treat their prized ride to an expensive detailing treatment to celebrate this joyous moment while others settle with a selfie followed with an Instagram post. But not this Chinese national, he took car collection to a different high.

Upon collecting his BMW sedan (what we think is a G30 5 Series), the Chinese man from Yangzhou, Jiangsu province decided to bless his new whip by burning offerings and praying to the car. As you all know, fire and cars don’t gel very well

Based on an interview with the alleged owner, the unnamed male left the incense burning far away from the car and left it unattended. Around 20 minutes later, neighbours informed him that his brand new BMW was on fire and the fire department was called to the scene. Other reports are suggesting malicious practice as CCTV caught children moving the position of the incense.

According to the Chinese media, the BMW was listed at 470k Yuan and the owner did not even have the chance to stick a number plate onto the car. Fortunately, the fire department managed to contain the fire but not before the car was left with bare metal. No injuries were reported from the incident.

If you want to thank the Gods on your new car purchase, we suggest going with a ceremony that does not involve burning of any sorts, because we can bet the discussion with your insurance company will not turn out pretty.


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