Lexus V6 and V8 engines adopt motorsport-derived technology to ensure high performance is met with extended durability, minimum noise and vibration.

Rather than using just two bolts to secure the crankshaft in the engine block like in most conventional engines, all V-configuration engines by Lexus adopts four bolts instead. These four bolts are made using high-tensile heat-treated steel.

Two more bolts are “cross-bolted” through the sides of the block into each bearing cap to resist lateral vibrations and add stiffness to the engine assembly.

Each bolt is also engineered to stretch a precise amount as the bolt is tightened, ensuring consistent, repeatable clamping forces.

The four-bolt application were originally employed by race engine builders to help standard production engine blocks resist the higher forces of combustion in higher compression race engines.

“As a result, owners experience the outright performance expected of a Lexus as well as the most durable engine. In addition, by reducing or eliminating potential noise and vibration at the source, these design features deliver the smooth, quiet ride that has become a Lexus hallmark,” Lexus Australia CEO, Scott Thompson said.

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Pan Eu Jin
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