Shortly after announcing in January that they’ve delivered over 70 Chirons, painstakingly put together by just 20 technicians, Bugatti is celebrating the delivery of its 100th Chiron.

The car in question costs €2.85 million (approx. RM 13 million) where it will now be delivered to an Arab owner – possibly on the back of priceless camels, draped in diamond-encrusted Egytian cotton.

The first used Bugatti Chiron in the UK, sold for approx. RM 20 million.

With each costing a minimum of 2.5 million pounds (approx. RM 13 million), that’s more than RM 1 billion worth of Chirons sold. With the Chiron introduced just two years ago, its resale value has soared too; with one owner in the UK walking away with a million pound profit after just four months of ownership.

Let that sink into you, while you ponder why 100 million children in developing countries are still hungry everyday according to the Food Aid Foundation.

The recently unveiled Bugatti Chiron Sport.

The shell of the immensely thirsty 1,500 hp Chiron consists entirely of dark blue carbon, with a matte finish, contrasted by a predominantly red full-leather interior.

Bugatti have had their hands tied recently; while having to deal with overwhelming orders, they’ve also had to recall 47 Chirons globally, which were affected with faulty welds in the front seat recliner bracketsOnly 500 Chirons in total will ever be produced.

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Pan Eu Jin
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