EPA releases fuel economy figures for Bugatti Chiron, 21.4L/100 km!

When you’re able to spend €2.5 million (RM12 million) for a base Bugatti Chiron, chances are, “fuel economy” is a foreign concept to you. Lucky you, because the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released its tested fuel economy of the 8.0-litre W16 quad-turbocharged Chiron and to nobody’s surprise, it’s a fuel guzzler. A 21.4 litre per 100 km fuel guzzler.

The EPA on its instrumented test yielded the Chiron to consume 9 MPG (26.1L/100 km) and 14 MPG (16.8L/100 km) on the highway. Combined, the Chiron returns a measly 11 MPG which translates to approximately 21.4 litre per 100 km covered. Fortunately, these figures are very close to its official figures of 22.5L/100 km. You can just hear the management of Volkswagen Group letting out a breath of relief.

Based on the EPA’s figures, the Chiron will have a theoretical range of 467 km (100-litre fuel tank). But with 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm on tap, let’s just say no one will be driving it eco-consciously the whole time. According to Top Gear, when driving at a constant top speed of 420 km/h, the Chiron will last for only 9 minutes before depleting all 100-litres of precious fuel.

Then again, those who are able to part 2.5 million Euros for a piece of art on four wheels would probably not bat an eye when looking at these figures. After all, fuel is just a small price to pay to own the fastest luxury car in the world.



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