There is only one model going through Bugatti’s production floor and that is the Chiron. Hand assembled by 20 highly trained individuals at Molsheim, France, each Chiron takes an average of six months to build.

To deliver 70 vehicles in a single year was an impressive feat considering that the 20 fine technicians have to put together over 1,800 individual parts by hand. Not forgetting the customised parts as ordered from the affluent customers.

Production of the Chiron started in the Autumn of 2016 and first deliveries to customers only commenced in March 2017. Earlier, we reported that the wait list for a Chiron stretches up to three to four years before one is delivered to your doorstep which resulted in the highly inflated price for one in the classifieds.

President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., Wolfgang Dürheimer said, “It is a tremendous success for the entire Bugatti team that we have already reached the target of 70 vehicles in the first full year of production of the Chiron. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers for their commitment and delivery compliance.”

“This outstanding performance is especially important because we aim to keep the waiting times for our customers as short as possible,” Dürheimer added.

Currently, more than 300 Chiron’s have been sold and its production is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide. Europe is the biggest market for the 1,500 hp hypercar, accounting for 43 percent of orders. North America stands at 26 percent, Middle East at 23 percent while the remaining 8 percent of orders comes from the Asia-Pacific region.

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