BMW X4 F26 and G02 side by side, same same but different? [+Video]

In typical BMW fashion, the Bavarian giant has released a comparison video between the first-generation F26 BMW X4 F26 and the all-new second-gen G02 X4, detailing the exterior and interior design language difference between the two.

Pictures usually never paint the whole picture especially when the designers took an evolutionary step instead of a revolutionary one. With the two cars side by side, we can clearly see the styling differences (read, improvements) of the new car over its predecessor.

The most drastic change happens at the rear end with the new sleeker taillamp design and a more coupe-like roofline from the C-pillar onwards. There are also lesser and much cleaner lines on the rear end compared to its predecessor. With the car side by side, the larger kidney grille immediately becomes more pronounced and impactful and thank Heavens that BMW has done away with the awkwardly positioned front fog lamps.

The interior is noticeably higher tech with the new LCD instrument cluster, larger infotainment screen and a minimalistic centre console. Perhaps the only thing we will miss are the leaner M Sport steering wheel design of the old car.

Considering that BMW Malaysia introduced the X2 to the local market and the availability of the previous-gen X4, the launch of the new X4 would then only be a matter of time.


BMW X4 F26 vs G02 

G02 BMW X4 Debut


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