Top 5: April Fool’s pranks by automotive manufacturers

Honestly, there’s no need to be ashamed – it’s neither a sin nor a crime to be gullible. If you’ve been scammed by the auto world’s April Fool’s pranks, don’t doubt your intelligence. With technology being so advanced, who’s to say what’s real and what’s not these days.

I for one, fell victim to Lexus’ prank of the possible reality that a car can be specified to our exact physical and mental needs through analysis of our saliva. Everyone from McLaren to Skoda was also in on the fun but these are a selection of my favourites.

Here are the five most convincing (perhaps only to me) April Fool’s pranks of 2018 by car manufacturers:

  • MG to use Alpaca poop to power their cars

While the notion of using renewal energy sources to power cars aren’t exactly new, MG’s idea of using Alpaca droppings as a source of power simply emitted a whiff of bull excrement.

Alpacas, which appear similar to Llamas, can be found primarily in the mountainous terrains of South America. MG claimed that Alpaca waste has been specifically chosen as it doesn’t need to be aged before it can be broken down into pellets and used as fuel.

  • Hyundai used chocolate as tarmac to test their i30N hot hatch

I nearly fell for it, before a quick spotcheck on Google cleared the air on Hyundai’s supposed secret proving ground for the i30N hot hatch. Engineers were said to have observed tyre prints left in the Cacao Corner of the test track –  made using milk, butter and cocoa.

The tyre print analysis was then used to tweak the i30N’s handling characteristics. Parts of the Cacao Corner can also be removed and refrigerated to create a long-lasting record of previous test results.

  • Lexus using saliva to tailor-make a car for you

After last year’s prank where Lexus claimed to have developed a technology that can move lane hoggers involuntarily away from you, this year they introduced the Lexus Genetic Select.

All it takes is a little spit of your saliva and the system will be able to tell if you’re prone to backaches hence requiring more lumbar support and padding for your seats, for instance.

  • Honda launched a CR-V Roadster concept

It was supposed to provide a “unique spin” on the world’s best-selling SUV and would be launched “just in time for summer”. With both B and C pillars completely removed, Honda cheekily claimed structural rigidity was reduced by as much as 100%.

Its price? “Half” of an actual CR-V, of course.

  • Skoda’s noise-cancelling headrest

Now if it wasn’t the 1st of April, most parents would be jumping for joy and swarming Skoda showrooms for a piece of their latest development.

If it were true though, teenage drivers will also no longer be subjected to their parent’s unnecessary remarks of their driving and it could even revolutionise air travel – no more crying babies!


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