Lexus can now customise a car specifically for you through your saliva

Lexus seemed to have gone to extremely extreme lengths to make sure that your Lexus is built with specifications specially for you and you only – ensuring that your car is as genetically-exclusive as your individual DNA.

Enter the Lexus Genetic Select – the world’s first service that uses human genetics to custom tailor the specifications of a car to suit your driving style, behaviour and even personal characteristics. All it takes is a little spit of your saliva and the system will be able to tell if you’re prone to backaches hence requiring more lumbar support and padding for your seats, for instance.

It can even tell if your skin is more sensitive to UV rays so as to provide better tinting or if your eyes need prescriptive windscreens for better vision. Best part is, you don’t even need to push a button to start your car anymore!

Sure it sounds far fetched but in this day and age, with technological advancements beyond our wildest imaginations, this is without the next step in car customisation to the very detailed requirements of a human’s specific needs.

But there’s a giveaway; and it “lies” at the end of the video.


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