Throwback Thursday: The Epic Split by Van Damme with Volvo

What you’re about to see, or rather be reminded of, is undoubtedly the most epic split ever performed by any human being. The stunt was performed back in 2013 and 5 years on, it still send chills down our spine.

The star in question is none other than the King of Splits, Jean Claude Van Damme – whose claim to fame included films like the Kickboxer and Universal Soldier. If you’re that old, you’d probably remember Van Damme’s unmistakable ability to defy gravity with his kicks and undeniable flexibility to perform splits no man would even dare to attempt.

And no man would certainly dare attempt what the great Belgian did, in collaboration with Volvo Trucks to demonstrate the precision of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering. It’s simply goosebumps-inducing; so many questions surfaced in our minds but ultimately, how?

How is he that brave? How is he that calm and how are the drivers that smooth? What kind of injuries would he sustain if he fell?  Perhaps it was Volvo’s Dynamic Steering working its magic but you really have to give as much credit to the truck drivers, as you would to the “splitter” himself.

Coupled with Enya’s evergreen “Only Time” as the soundtrack along with the receding sunlight, it’s possibly the most epic stunt performed between man and machine to date. Certainly worth the throwback!

Credit: YouTube


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