After what seems like years of talking and teasing, Toyota is close to unveiling their new Supra, in honouring their commitment to bringing its most iconic sports car back to the market.

This image was just released not long ago by Toyota UK and while the caption reads, “The Legend Returns”, it will still be a considerable time before we actually see the real thing as what will be unveiled, at next month’s 2018 Geneva Motor Show, will only be a concept model.

Notice the similarities?

It’s no secret now that the Toyota Supra will share its underpinnings with BMW’s new Z4 and it is very likely that the new Supra would only be available with an automatic transmission, a (devastating) result (for enthusiasts at least) from its collaboration with BMW.

There are also talks about implementing the Gazoo name into the new Supra, which it will carry as the likely flagship of Toyota’s racing arm’s line-up. Toyota Supra sounds just fine, thank you.

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Pan Eu Jin
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