Did you know Lexus’ Structural Blue is actually not Blue?

Strange isn’t it? But it’s true. In this video, Lexus explained how it took thousands of years of natural evolution before this shade of blue existed – through the mesmerising colour of the Morpho butterfly.

But here’s the catch; while Lexus had been able to replicate the same colour, called Structural Blue, onto their Lexus LC500, it does not actually contain any blue material. It only looks blue because of the reflection of light.


The process of creating this unique colour begins with the usage of colourless materials. The production process comprises of 12 different stages where the colour pigmentation then goes through 20 quality inspections before they are approved for usage.

Because the process is so tedious and meticulous, it takes Lexus eight months to produce enough paint for only 300 Lexus LCs. Does it change the way you see blue and more importantly, does it change the way you see Lexus and its price tags?

Check out the Lexus LC500 in motion in our epic Autobuzz.my Best Cars of 2017 video!


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