Hyundai has yet again released a teaser of their all-new 2018 Hyundai Veloster – this time in a series of images of its silhouette and at first glance, it’s getting us rather excited. We’re just hoping it wouldn’t drive like the previous model.

While its exterior shots do not offer much of a surprise, as had been revealed generously in Hyundai’s previous video, what was also released was a rendering of the Veloster’s interior which sports a very clean and minimalist design approach – with only three main dials for the controls on a dash with a floating-design that revolves around the driver.Word is that there will be two different variants – a naturally-aspirated model alongside a more potent Veloster N – fettered by Hyundai’s in-house tuner. The standard Veloster should come with a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine while its more eager sibling will house a 2.0-litre engine expected to nudge the 300 hp mark.

The standard Veloster is said to be looking to rival the likes of VW’s Golf GTI and Ford’s Focus ST while the higher performance Veloster N is set to give the FK8 Honda Civic Type R and VW Golf R a run for its money.

We can hear you chuckling.


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