Earlier in the year, Volkswagen introduced the Tiguan Allspace, a stretched Tiguan that seats up to seven. To accommodate the additional third-row seats, Volkswagen has stretched the Tiguan’s wheelbase by 109 mm and overall length has increased by 215 mm.

Riding on the booming SUV wave, Volkswagen has plans to introduce a five-seater Tiguan Allspace according to Automotive News. Thanks to its long-wheelbase and five-seater configuration, consumers will benefit not only from the increased interior room but also greater everyday practicality.

In the standard Tiguan, boot space is rated at 615 litres while the Tiguan Allspace is able to accommodate up to 700 litres with the third-row seats folded down.

The “doubling up” strategy will give VW expanded offerings in the large and compact crossover segments at relatively low cost, said Volkswagen Group of America CEO, Hinrich Woebcken. “Expanding crossover offerings gives us another scale opportunity to improve our financials,” he added.