Uber charges rider in Canada more than RM 57,000 for a ride

It’s not uncommon for Uber rides to be subject to surge charges, especially during peak hours and when there’s more ride requests than there are Uber drivers in the area.

Personally, I’ve been quoted three times more for a ride that would usually cost around RM 20 but this guy in Toronto, Canada was faced with a real shocker.

Based on an article from The Comeback, the rider was was charged a mind-boggling $18,518 Canadian dollars (approx USD 14,000/RM 57,000) for a 20-minute ride that would normally cost around $10 to $ 12.

Although Uber initially stood by the insane charges, the fee has since been refunded with Uber claiming there to be a glitch in the system.

Source: The Comeback 

Pan Eu Jin

Pan Eu Jin

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