MINI has just updated its ONE and Cooper D with a new seven-speed double clutch transmission (DCT). Available for all 3-Door, 5-Door and Convertible versions of the said variants, the new DCT unit offers faster gear changes, better shift comfort and greater efficiency.

The new DCT is a huge step up compared to the six-speed automatic where as it cuts shift times to a fraction of a second without any torque interruption, allowing MINI drivers to continuously maintain ideal engine speed. The gearbox features a new electronic control system where it permanently analyses accelerator position, engine speed, road speed and MINI driving mode to ensure the transmission is able to respond quickly to sudden changes such as unexpected throttling.Besides that, if the car is equipped with the optional MINI Navigation System, the transmission control unit (TCU) will incorporate navigation data to adapt its shift strategies to the road ahead. For example, if a successive corner is up ahead, the transmission will hold its gears through the bends ensuring powerful acceleration is available upon exiting.

MINI understands that in pursuit of high-performance driving, low-speed comfort should not be neglected. Which is why the MINI seven-speed DCT is equipped with a Crawl Function that gives the car a smooth set-off like a conventional torque converter system, allowing for a jerk-free experience in slow-moving traffic.

Lastly, the conventional gear selector has also been replaced with an electronic selector lever – just like the one on modern BMW vehicles. The new selector will always return to its original position after changing gears and the parking lock is activated by pressing the P button. Like other BMWs, S Mode is activated by pushing the gear lever to the left from D.

Currently, the seven-speed DCT is equipped on the MINI One (1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol, 100 hp/190 Nm) and Cooper D (1.5-litre turbodiesel, 114 hp/270 Nm), offered alongside a six-speed manual option. The rest of the line up soldiers on with the conventional automatics. No word whether the double-clutch will be offered on other more powerful variants like the Cooper S and John Cooper Works.


MINI ONE with 7-Speed DCT

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