Today’s world dictates that for one to standout, one has to be different. Whether it’s with your choice of phone covers, clothing or vehicle (and its colour) of preference.

A lot of us own the cars we do because of specific reasons – we like how it looks, how it drives, how technologically advance or efficient it is but no one will have a legitimate reason to own a Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 or a Kahn Flying Huntsman (pictured below) – unless you spend most of your life in the North Pole or in a deserted wasteland.

These cars are purely a statement of wealth – a means to flaunt your riches in such an exuberant way that an average continental car owner would feel inferior. In terms of exuberance, there are only a handful of cars out there that can match up to the stretched, soft-top Land Rover Defender.

The Flying Huntsman which debuted in 2015 costed a whopping RM 1.25 million and came with 6.2-litre V8 making 430 hp. Prices for the soft-top version of the Flying Huntsman has yet to be revealed but 6x6s on Kahn Automobile’s website are listed for as much as RM 1.3 million so expect the soft-top to fetch a figure in that ball park.