Mazda Co Ltd has developed a bio-engineering plastic that can be used as exterior trims and will apply it as the front grille of the Mazda CX-5. A wider range of interior and exterior trims made of the material is expected to see its way into future models.

These plastic bits are made using plant-derived materials which can reduce reliance on petroleum-resources commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic items. The plastic trims made from the organic material is said to be able to project the smoothness of a mirror surface even without being painted on.

The all new Mazda CX-5 in Soul Red Crystal

The flexibility of the material also allows large exterior trims of complicated shapes and designs to be easily molded. The bio-engineering material was first applied in the MX-5 Roadster and has been so far used in the CX-9, MX-5 RF and will eventually be introduced across the model range beginning with the CX-5 SUV.

Mazda USA has recently said no to AWD systems in their Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 where the latter now houses a new powertrain – a turbocharged 2.5-litre SkyActiv-G engine with cylinder deactivation.