From the very first car it made, the colour red has been a crucial part of the brand’s history. It has evolved in tandem with Mazda’s vehicle design – made to enhance the beauty of their Kodo-Soul in Motion design language.

With the aim to stimulate emotions of Mazda customers even before they start their engines, they’ve had to reinvent the way they paint their cars. Before, to produce such reflective finish and depth in colour, Mazda had to paint their cars by hand – a standard practise on their concept cars.

Now, to achieve this, they have in the process also turned robots into master craftsman – in an exercise called “takumi nuri”. The finished result, the Soul Red Crystal, is a deep, lustrous colour that makes the car come alive as light is shone across its curves and arches.

Soul Red Crystal is an advanced evolution of the Soul Red – one that balances vibrance with clear depth and gloss. It’s 20% more saturated and produces 50% more depth than Soul Red for a rich, full-bodied shade of red.

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