Sneakerheads, this is the car you’ve all been dreaming of!

There is no doubt that this is what a sneakerhead’s dream car could possibly look like but then again, a little far fetched cause they would’ve spent all their money on pointlessly expensive shoes – and not be able to afford an M3.

Beijing-based graffiti crew, 400ML collaborated with tuners, iAcro, to bring two icons together – Air Jordan and the E46 BMW M3. The result, an M3 that deserves to be displayed at all basketball games like a circus elephant as it now dons the iconic colours of the cult Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” shoes.

The famed M3 which makes 341 hp with 365 Nm of torque, is capable of a sub 5 second sprint to a 100 km/h from standstill. The sneakerhead’s wet dream features a massive Nike swoosh on its sides and Michael Jordan’s trademark Jumpman logo on the rear window and engine bonnet.

If we’re completely honest, we absolutely dig it; especially in that red, white and black colour scheme.

Source: BMW M



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