These are the real NISMO-inspired Nissans we want, with sports suspension and exhaust!

Just after launching its new Nissan LEAF, Nissan Motor Co. has announced that it will be displaying a number of concept cars and production vehicles at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. What we really robbed our attention was this pair – the Nissan LEAF Nismo Concept and the Serena Nismo.

The LEAF Nismo Concept features a sportier exterior with designs from Nismo, Nissan’s motorsports and in-house tuning division. Nismo’s know-how will be applied to the car’s body for enhanced aerodynamics and less lift, to complement the LEAF’s outstandingly low drag coefficient.

For a stroke of sportiness, the LEAF Nismo Concept will be fitted with sports suspension, high performance tyres and custom-tuned ECU to deliver instant acceleration at all speeds. If that doesn’t excite you, sadly, nothing will!

As for the Serena NISMO, possibly the more exciting of the pair as it’s been totally unexpected, it’s sure to be a head-turner with raw styling and driving performance without sacrificing the utilitarian nature of the family-mover. Custom aero parts will add a touch of aggressiveness to the Serena’s appearance while on the inside, Nismo’s influence will be subtle but noticeable with signature red accents.

Unlike the Nismo’s we’ve gotten here that more aesthetic-focused, the Serena Nismo is not to be taken lightly under its shell. Like the LEAF, it will also be fitted with custom-tuned sports suspension, a new ECU and even an exhaust system would you imagine that to add some oomph to the overall driving experience. Now that’s the kinda hot MPV we’ll all been waiting for! It is set to go on sale in Japan come November.

Launched just recently as Nissan’s flagship electric car, the new Nissan leaf, that’s due for Malaysia in 2018, comes equipped with Nissan ProPilot autonomus driving technology also features ProPilot Park, the first technology in a Japanese-made vehicle to help drivers park by automatically controlling the accelerator, brakes, steering, shift changing and parking brake. There is also the e-Pedal, which lets the driver start, accelerate, decelerate, stop and hold the car by using only the accelerator pedal.




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