While the idea of fitting a motorcycle engine into a car may not be new, its sights and sounds isn’t exactly something most of us are familiar with.

Weighing a mere 1000 lbs (453 kg), the 1983 Mini Cooper has been bestowed with the kind of power that its original engineers may never have imagined it could handle.

With around 250 hp, power is delivered through a sequential gearbox – without even a rev counter to know when to shift gears, using only a shift light! Performance aside, aesthetically, it’s something of a show-stopper too.

Visibly lower than your average classic Mini, it’s also been extensively “remodeled” with flared arches to house larger wheels and fatter tires. It’s only got a 30-litre tank and while that sounds like your average fuel tank size, it’s not exactly frugal when driven hard despite the lightweight.

Credit: 1320video

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Pan Eu Jin
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