Called the Rawang Bypass, the 2.7 km elevated bridge which spans across four lanes and sits close to 60 metres (the highest point) off the ground, opened today at 6 am.

The incredibly epic section is part of the 9 km highway connecting Rawang and Serendah.

Credit: YouTube

Construction of the Rawang Bypass began in 2005, using a Movable Scaffolding System – a first in the Malaysia – for a speedy construction (although it still took 12 years to complete) without compromising the environment by cutting down trees and excessive use of machinery.

The bypass navigates through the Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor (Selangor Heritage Park), designed as such to reduce the need for extensive land clearing and more importantly to protect the rare “Giam Kanching” tree species. The stretch is said to also offer panoramic views of Rawang town.

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