The Ford Performance Drift Stick is a hydraulic e-brake with warranty

When Ford Performance first unveiled the Focus RS back in 2015, the public was baffled by its Drift Mode. Co-developed with rally and stunt driver Ken Block, Drift Mode essentially allows the rear of the car to kick out just enough to initiate a controlled oversteer. But what we didn’t know is that Ford Performance had something else up their sleeves.

Behold, the Ford Performance Drift Stick – a rally-inspired electronic handbrake that mimics the functions of a conventional hydraulic e-brake. Understanding that a traditional hydraulic e-brake would require significant mechanical modifications that are not easily reversible, Ford Performance has come up with an electronically-controlled module that plugs into the car’s electronic systems for some rubber burning action.

The aluminium lever operates exactly like a conventional hydraulic e-brake – pull it and the rear brakes lock up the rear tyres to induce a drift manoeuvre. This allows for a clutch-free slide similar to what professionals like Ken Block experience in a rally car.

Ford claims that the use of an electronic system compared to a mechanical set up allows for easy and precise use as well as easy installation and removal of the part. The Drift Stick is installed between the six-speed manual gear lever and driver seat, using the standard handbrake as a housing. Drivers will be pleased to know that their handbrakes will still operate as per usual. 

The Ford Performance Drift Stick is available for US and Canada customers for US$999 (RM4.2k) and can be purchased at authorised Ford Performance Parts distributors from December 2017 onwards. Of course, this being a Ford official product, the Drift Stick will not affect existing warranties.



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