Even Paris, the City of the Lights, plans to switch off on petrol & diesel-powered cars

As France has already set a target of eliminating petrol-powered cars by 2040, Paris is looking to lead the charge for big cities within the nation for a speedier phase out with a move to ban combustion engine (petrol & diesel) cars by 2030.

According to a report by Autonews, the French capital is eyeing to end the sight of diesel cars, at least, in the city by the time it plays host to the 2024 Summer Olympics. This also follows after the UK’s pledge to ban petrol and diesel-powered cars by 2040.

Although most residents of Paris prefer to rely on the city’s extensive public transportation, it’s uncertain how this move would go down with Parisians. This is as previous moves in initiating car-free days and imposing fines for driving cars more than 20 years old in city have been faced with backlashes.

Most recently, even China, one of the biggest contributors to the planet’s pollution index have announced that it would taking steps to one day phase out all petrol-powered cars.

In recent news, the London Taxi Company, now known as London EV Company has begun opting for new means of transportation with its new electric-powered taxis while European marques like BMW Group and Volvo have confirmed that their line-up of cars will be offered with some form electrification.

Source: Autonews


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