China en route to ban production & sale of petrol-powered cars? Really?

The constant grey skies and perpetual smogs have probably, finally, gotten to even the most corrupt and ignorant of Chinese rulers and industrialists. Their need to address the nation’s alarming environmental concerns have spawned various renewable energy industries – spelling doom for archaic “toxic industries” and it seems like the automotive sector, too, will not be excluded from its day in court.

According to a report by Reuters, China is in line, like the UK and France, to ban the production and sale of cars powered by “traditional means”. While it is uncertain when it will take place, studies have begun with tough times ahead expected for automakers who will need to adapt.

Local manufacturer Zotye has broke grounds with Ford on this initiative while it’s been reported that Volvo’s first electric car  would come from China, not surprisingly.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Vice President, Xin Guobin, mentioned that talks on this ban have begun and China too, will determine a timeline as to the implementation of the ban.

The largest automotive market in the world, has at least, decided on another timeline though – with aims for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, to make up at least 1/5 of local auto sales come 2025.

Source: Reuters


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