France will ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, India by 2030!

Not long after Volvo announced their ambitious plans of converting all models to hybrid or full electric by 2019, France went a step beyond with a plan to ban all cars with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

The revolutionary move was announced by the country’s ecology minister, Nicolas Hulot. He understands the hurdle, but remains surefooted in displaying the country’s commitment in combating climate change. This also follows Paris’ pledge of banning diesel-powered cars by 2025.

French carmakers such as Peugeot, Citroen and Renault will have to invest more in R&D to develop zero emissions technology, but it’s an uphill battle because EV sales account for just 1.1 percent of all new car sales in France last year. About 52 percent were diesel powered, while the remainder were petrols.

That said, the French could look at their northern neighbours for inspiration. Norway scored the highest percentage of non-ICE car sales in 2016, made possible by government incentives. The Nordic country plans a 100 percent adoption of electric or plug-in hybrid cars by 2025.

Believe it or not, even India plans to get rid of ICE by 2030. What does the Malaysian government have to say about this?


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