If you’ve not heard about Bisimoto Engineering, maybe it’s wise to first fill you in on how bonkers this “tuning house” is. Over the years, they’ve built a reputation for modifying a diverse range of cars to ultimate extreme – squeezing more power imaginable from the most unlikely of sources – generating and receiving praises from all quarters.

They include a 700 hp 1.6-litre turbocharge Honda Civic wagon, a 533 hp 1.5-litre CR-Z hybrid, a 1000+hp Honda Civic Si, an 800 hp Hyundai Elantra GT, and many other extreme twin turbo Porsche 911s.

Credit: Bisimoto

You should get an idea of how capably mad they can be with a car and this should be plenty reason to be excited when news got out that both Bisimoto and Hyundai are creating the “HyperEconiq IONIQ”. It will be based on the standard IONIQ platform which will be modified to the extreme; way beyond its standard limits for performance and efficiency.

Performance wise, the IONIQ’s petrol/electric powertrain will be upgraded with ARP headstuds, Bisimoto’s pulse-chamber exhaust, low-friction engine oil, NGK spark plugs and enhanced electric-generators. On the inside, the IONIQ will house Recaro racing seats and OBD-based instrument cluster.

The standard IONIQ looks unacceptably tame compared to the HyperEconiq

On the outside, the HyperEconiq will be “dressed” in the Bisimoto Dream Aero Kit which includes a front splitter, side splitters and even rear wheel covers, presumably for reduced drag. Tucked beneath the 19-inch one-piece carbon fibre wheels wrapped in high-silica tyres are a set of Buddy Club aluminium brake calipers and coilover suspension with minimised ground clearance and optimised alignment settings.

You might think this will all ruin the eco-friendly attributes of the frugal IONIQ but no, the HyperEconiq is now capable of 80 mpg (34km/L).

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