Recently at the Nippon Paint’s Automotive Refinish Media Experiential session, a survey was released noting the several reasons why consumers would like to have their cars repainted.

71% of which opt for a repaint for want of a new colour, 26% due car accidents, 21% of which have been enticed by attractive repainting packages and 5% did so to resell their cars.

Nippon Paint is the first coatings company to unveil regional paint and colour offerings catered specifically to the Asian palate in its Trend Beyond Colours initiative. With that, Nippon Paint has developed the Automotive Trend Colour (ATC) 2016/17 which has 39 colours, categorised within three themes – Wander-Lust, New Eco and We Are One.

The Wander-Lust colour schemes projects flamboyance and vibrancy in its bright colours while the New Eco colour schemes takes a more subtle approach with nature-inspired colours for a more elegant and contemporary outlook. The We Are One colour schemes offer a more timeless look with calm and pleasant on the eye colours.

Nippon also offers total automotive coating solutions that revolve primarily around its patented CyGLAZ technology. It’s a formula technology that increases the durability of the paint’s coating, enabling it to form a layer of shiny, smooth and durable protective layer of film on the surface of the car. The said formula is applied to three different ranges of coating and each are engineered to provide their respective benefits.


Nax Premila 9800 Clear 2K Premium HP Velocity Clear 2K Premium Hi Solid 2:1

A 2-component Clear Coat which is used in a clear cover base system. The coating gives the surface a deep gloss and bright appearance as it can also be used for spot, block and overall repair.

Special features: 
1. High build finish
2. Provides a smooth, deep gloss film appearance
3. Can be used over solvenborne and waterborne basecoats
4. Excellent chemical resistance and exposure durability

Nax Premila 9800 HP Velocity Clear 2K 2:1

Nax Premila 9800 HP Velocity Clear 2K 2:1 is an ultra-fast curing type clear coat for improved productivity and cost
reduction. Its dry to polish time of less than 30 minutes under ambient cure conditions (25 to 30-degrees celcius) helps avoid the need for high temperature baking cycle therefore meeting the requirements of “quick repair” and “energy saving” needs.

If required, an extremely short time bake of 5 minutes at 50-degrees celcius is more than sufficient to achieve ultra-fast curing results. As a premium clear coat, it gives the surface an excellent glossy appearance when polished. The medium solids clear coat is suitable for spot repairs (single-panels) and block repairs (multi-panels) under air dry conditions and low bake environments.

Nax crystal 9905 Mirror Image Clear 2K 2:1

Nax CRYSTAL 9905 Mirror Image Clear 2K, an innovative high solids automotive finish that incorporates the CyGlaz technology to provide unrivaled toughness, high flexibility and excellent chemical resistance on the paint’s surface. The product is specially engineered to exhibit excellent scratch and impairment resistance to withstand day-to-day wear and tear e.g. car wash, acid rain, bird droppings etc to ensure a longer lasting effect of the paint’s gloss.

Special features:
1) High scratch resistant clear coating suitable for any base paint system
2) Excellent gasoline and chemical resistance
3) Mirror image clear coating and lasting shine

Would you like to win a FREE car paint makeover? Nippon’s “Colour My Ride” contest runs from the 13th of September to the 3rd of October where two lucky winners with the most creative short story will be selected to have their cars repainted with any colour of their choice by the intricate professionals at Nippon Paint Automotive.

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