Land Rovers are possibly best known for their talents in adapting to the most extreme of terrains and almost limitless ability to scale the roads least traveled.

Their most recent feat, is on a whole new level – possibly of the highest order. We’ve a Range Rover hauling a Boeing airplane many years ago, this time the Discovery Td6 displayed its impressive towing capabilities by pulling a 100-meter road train, a common sight in the vast Outback regions of Australia, to celebrate the arrival of the 2018 Discovery.

The Td6 may have a maximum certified towing capacity of 3,500kg on public roads but it towed a 110-tonne road train, using a factory-fitted tow bar attachment, for a distance of 16 km without a single hint of struggle. This was only possible with Discovery’s 3.0-litre diesel engine producing over 254 hp and 600 Nm of torque. Power is delivered to all four wheels through an 8-speed transmission.

The single turbo engine features low-pressure exhaust re-circulation and a two-stage oil pump for improved response, refinement and efficiency which as a result can return a healthy fuel economy rating of 7.2L/100km (claimed).

It’s the latest stunt in a series of successful towing demonstrations by the Discovery range. In 1989, during the launch of the original Discovery I, it was used to pulled a train and last year, the Discovery Sport premium compact SUV towed a trio of rail carriages over the Rhine River.


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Pan Eu Jin
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