Here are the two winners from Nippon Paint Malaysia’s “Colour My Ride” makeover!

Recently we ran a “Colour My Ride” contest with Nippon Paint Malaysia between 13th September to 3rd October 2017 where two lucky winners walked away with complete paint makeovers for their cars worth RM 4,000, for absolutely free.

Contestants were required to submit photos of their vehicles, select their preferred colours and in less than 50 words, share with Nippon Paint in the most creative way possible, why their prized vehicles deserved a complete makeover.

Shireen Ann Pereira was one of the two lucky winners in her 21-year-old Perodua Kancil 660. Before the makeover, her Kancil’s original white paint appeared to be in tatters and was in dire need of attention.

Looking to keep the perky Kancil going as it held a certain sentimental value, Shireen went for a bright metallic orange colour called Fighter in a makeover which took just two weeks with the previous racing stripes and decals replaced with custom pin-stripes for maximum visual appeal.

“I still can’t believe there would be a competition where winners would have their cars repainted. The makeover completely exceeded my expectations – the Fighter’s orange really shines and I really love the custom pin-stripping”, said Shireen.

As for the other worthy winner, Fabian Ooi Joo Hon’s Honda Integra Type R did not only provide him with his first taste of freedom, it also opened up endless opportunities for him.

Repainted from a visibly aging shade of black with stone chips littered across the front bumper, Fabian opted for the whiter than white crystal finish Checkmate White, a colour we thought best suited the Integra Type R. Custom pin-stripping by Rolling Ink was also done on the Integra’s front bumper and rear spoiler that played tribute to their Integra’s Japanese heritage in the subtle way Fabian wanted.

“I have had sleepless nights waiting for this day. It felt like months – I missed my car so much I dreamt of it multiple times. I am in awe of the new Checkmate White paintjob on my Integra – it’s like no other and truly stands out”, said Fabian.

A car’s colour should not only be seen as a means of distinguishing one’s personality from another but the sheer reflective quality from a standout paint job can also uphold and prolong the spectacle of a car’s beauty. As the leading OEM paint supplier for various car types, Nippon Paint not only offers hundreds of different colours that reflects a manufacturer’s colour selection but also developed 39 colours to cater to the Asian palate through the Trend Beyond Colours initiative.

These specific colours are categorised under three themes – Wander-Lust, New Eco and We Are One – comprehensively covers every individual’s mode of expression on their cars through colours. 

Diversity of colours aside, Nippon Paint’s patented CyGLAZ technology provides a paint finishing that not only increases the durability of the paint’s coating but also complements it by projecting more shine and vibrancy to enhance the subtle elegance of the colour while ensuring the preservation of the paint.

More information on the diverse colour offerings from Nippon Paint for your car and its paint finishings can be found in the Nippon Automotive website.


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