Your kids may never come across this article so the onus is on you, parents. Those of you looking to unearth the hidden driving talents of your children and hone their driving discipline, the Malaysia Automotive Institute has just the platform to forge that path.

Seen as a low cost platform to promote the passion for motorsports and ultimately safe driving, it is the first time that Karting Slalom which will be part of long list of events at the Malaysia Autoshow 2017, is held in Malaysia. The new form of motorsports, originating from Germany just a few years ago, is suitable for children from as little as eight years old.

“Karting Slalom is a new category designed by the Commission Internationale de Karting- Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (CIK – FIA) and is targeted at young people who have never competed in motorsports”, said Malaysia Automotive Institute Chief Executive Officer Datuk Madani Sahari.

The Karting Slalom competition format was introduced not only as a means of encouraging motorsports involvement but to also educate them on the basics of driving with the hopes that it’ll be applied on public roads as well. The Karting Slalom will see drivers handle a kart through an obstacle course at a controlled speed. The karts are equipped with 4-stroke, low-revving engine producing 9 hp to eliminate any concerns of it being overwhelming for the kids.

Participants will be electronically timed by officials from Kelab Kart Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan. Precaution wise, helmets will be provided but participants are encouraged to be fully covered in long-sleeved shirt and trousers. Participants between age 8 – 13 years old will be charged RM 10 as entry fees, RM 20 for participants aged 14 – 18 years and RM 30 for participants aged 18 years and above.

For more information on the Karting Slalom and Malaysia Autoshow 2017, please log on to


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