MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept unveiled, most hardcore MINI to date!

Early this year, we’ve reported that MINI is working on a third-generation MINI John Cooper Works GP (JCW GP), the most hardcore limited-edition MINI ever made. MINI is not ready to launch the car in full just yet but instead, has given us an early glimpse of what is to come with the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept.

Scheduled for its dynamic debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the JCW GP Concept will replace the previous JCW GP or more commonly referred to as GP2. Like the GP2 – of which only 2,000 units were ever made – the new model will also be offered in extremely limited units.

“The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is all about the unfettered feeling of driving and levels of performance found in motor sport competition,” says Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Peter Schwarzenbauer. “This is driving fun in its purest form.” he added.

The JCW GP Concept is an all-out high-performance MINI with uncompromising performance on track, which explains the over-the-top exterior design. The concept car is significantly wider than your standard MINI thanks to a wider body kit which promises superior handling at high speeds. Up front, its extended front bumper helps scoop air into the radiators as well as slice through air more efficiently. The number 0059 pays homage to the year 1959 when the original classic MINI was born.

Round the back, you’ll find a more aggressive bumper with central mounted twin-exhaust outlet that were designed specifically to channel air and reduce drag. The half-Union Jack taillamps are a nod to the concept car’s British origins. Quite a nice touch don’t you think?  Further up the large roof spoiler not only screams attention, it is necessary to keep the car planted to the tarmac.

Like the GP, the interior of the concept car is completely stripped out in the name of weight reduction. The rear bench is removed in favour of a roll cage where the five-point seat belts are mounted to. All elements of the interior like the Heads-Up display, infotainment screen and instrument cluster were redesigned to be even more driver focused. Curiously, gear operations are through the steering mounted paddle shifters. Here’s hoping that MINI will offer a good ol’ fashioned manual option for the enthusiast.

As mesmerising as the MINI JCW GP Concept may be, it remains to be seen how much of these radical design elements will make it to the production line. No other information on the powertrain nor launch date were indicated but golly, the next-generation JCW GP will surely be one mad machine.



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