Why is Ferrari planning to produce SUV’s?

The most utilitarian vehicle that came out from Maranello is none other than the Ferrari FF which was succeeded by the GTC4 Lusso. They’re capable of seating four comfortably, swallowing hundred of litres worth of cargo and, fold the rear seats down – just about as utilitarian as Ferrari’s can get.

Why then, is Ferrari planning for a high ground clearance, spacious and practical SUV? The answer? Sales.

According to Automotive News, CEO of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne’s final five-year plan (before he retires in 2021) is to boost annual deliveries beyond 10,000 units. This year, the brand expects to shift 8,400 units of prancing horses worldwide. As it stands, the brand has a long way to go to break the five-digit barrier.

Ferrari’s current stable, led by the LaFerrari Aperta

Therefore, the need for an SUV that opens up to a wider spectrum of customers make for an extremely appealing business approach for the Italian carmaker – just look at the success of the Porsche Cayenne for example. The 2017 World Car of the Year awards also saw the Volkswagen Tiguan, Audi Q5 and Jaguar F-Pace emerged as the top three finalists for the prestigious title. Yep, all SUVs.

An SUV with a prancing horse badge will most definitely drive sales figures like never before. Not only will the brand graduate from its “small vehicle manufacturer” status, the additional earnings will enable Ferrari to invest in future plans that aligns with stricter environmental regulations. Hybridisation, purchasing carbon credits and paying off emission penalties are among the speculated short-term strategies.

Only hybrid in Ferrari’s stable

It is reported that Ferrari’s first SUV project is codenamed F16X and is purportedly to feature suicide doors for better ingress and egress, higher ground clearance, GTC4 Lusso’s aluminium platform and an all-wheel drive system.

If you’re thinking that the birth of a Ferrari SUV is the beginning of the end to delicious sounding Ferrari’s we’ve all grown to love, their signature sleek two-door supercars, with heart-thumping V8 and V12s will always remain as the identity of the brand. Let’s just hope that Ferrari will continue its founding fathers –Enzo Ferrari’s spirit alive. At least, until the ban of internal combustion engines and extinction of polar ice caps.

Sourced from: Automotive News


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