Audi RS models may be electrified and rear-wheel driven in the future

For the longest time, Audi RS models have all come fitted with quattro all-wheel drive, albeit considerably rear biased (30 percent front, 70 percent rear). But according to CEO of Audi Sport, Stephan Winklemann, future RS cars may be rear-wheel driven and hybridised!

The aim is to bring a more involving drive that would rival some of the most focussed cars from BMW M and Mercedes-AMG. Perhaps we can even expect a dual-variant assault – one RWD, one with quattro. All said, quattro will still remain as the dominant drivetrain for many Audi models.

Winklemann went on to say “Our cars will remain distinguished, but never pimped. We’ll always offer high performance, but at the same time our cars must be comfortable – and give you a feeling that you are better than you expect.”

Audi will go on to reveal two new RS models at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but it’s unclear at this time whether the duo will be electrified or not.


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