Proton is now back in the motorsports scene with the Iriz R5, marking a new and exciting era for the Malaysian car manufacturer. The Evo-powered hatchback first tasted action over the weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it surely looks promising!

The car was fully developed by the talents of British rally experts Mellors Elliot Motorsport (MEM). They were also the same team whom previously prepared the Satria Neo S2000 and the Proton PERT rally cars. This whole project didn’t involve Proton Holdings Sdn Bhd, so don’t be quick to jump the gun. It’s all-wheel drive and powered by a slightly detuned 4B11T engine that’s expected to crank 280 hp!

The Iriz R5 had a decent run at Goodwood’s rally stage where it topped the charts. Driven by Ollie Mellors, the family-run team claims the car is still in development before it’s due for its first competitive rallying by 2018.

Watch a short snippet of the Iriz R5 in action in the video below!

Special thanks to James Ward of Chicane Media for the fine images. Also to user “thesniper89” for the video!


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