All-new Audi A8 to debut on 11 July, A7 Sportback to join later in the year

Audi has confirmed that the replacement models for the A7 and A8 will be unveiled this year, beginning with the A8 which will break cover at the Audi Summit happening on 11 July in Barcelona. The company has not revealed further details about the A7 Sportback.

Based on existing information at hand, we know that the A8 will feature the company’s next-generation Audi Space Frame chassis that is lighter and 25 percent more rigid than before. It is also said that the new chassis design will offer 28 mm more passenger rear knee room and larger rear door apertures for easier ingress and egress.

Audi’s next-gen Virtual Cockpit will also make a debut on the A8 D5 featuring three high definition screens for the central dash, lower dash and instrument cluster. In the concept presentation, the screens are illuminated using Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), a first interior application, although whether the production model will feature this technology remains to be seen.

The first-generation A7, although based on the A6 C7, actually came before the A6 (A7 launched in 2010, A6 in 2011). If we were to go by the same logic, expect the A7 to be lighter, more aerodynamic and fuel efficient than before. It will also most likely wear the hexagonal “Singleframe” family face like the A4 and Q5.

More recently, it has been reported that all A8 D5 models will get some form of electrification. Interesting times ahead for Audi, it seems.



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