Next-gen Audi A8 to get new Audi Space Frame body, stronger by 25%

Body of the next Audi A8 (Background: Framing line)

Driving dynamics has always been a strong suit of Audi vehicles and this is largely due to the innovative and high tech chassis design that underpins their cars’ body. Engineers at Ingolstadt have always find ways to reimagine the body structure to be more rigid, lighter and safer, resulting in a vehicle that offers exceptional performance.

Audi has just unveiled that the next-generation Audi A8 will feature an all-new chassis – Audi Space Frame (ASF) that is made from a mix of four materials – aluminium, steel, magnesium and carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP). The next-generation ASF will not only be lighter than before, but offers 25 percent better torsional rigidity compared to its predecessor.

The aluminium components make up 58 percent of the new A8 body but has been significantly improved via new heat-treated, ultra-high-strength cast alloys to attain a tensile strength of over 230 megapascals. Steel components make up the interior shell of the car due to its lightweight and strong properties, crucial in ensuring the material can provide optimum safety during a crash.


Magnesium components is used at the strut brace and bolts to benefit 28 percent weight savings yet guarantees the body’s high torsional rigidity. CFRP on the other hand contributes to 33 percent of the vehicles overall torsional rigidity thanks to its unique layering of six to 19 fibre sheets placed on top of one another. This ensures that the body is able to optimally absorb impact force, keeping the occupants safe. All these materials are joint together through Audi’s remote laser welding technology to form the body of the new A8.

Besides that, based on the design concept, the new A8 appears to have 28 mm more passenger rear knee room and the larger rear door apertures. We also know that the next-gen A8 may feature a three-screen Audi Virtual Dashboard. With Audi dropping all these hints, could it be that the launch of the new A8 is imminent?



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